Mirage Shipping (Pty) Ltd


About Us

Mirage Shipping (Pty) Ltd is ecstatic to announce our official launch in 2017 with a new vision to be a leader unsurpassed.

Mirage Shipping (Pty) Ltd offers you our one stop total professional clearing, forwarding, freight and logistics solution at both origin and destination coupled with an experienced team of professionals that would exercise your business through visibility, integrity and honesty.

Any scope of customs, port, forwarding both origin and destination regulations, formalities and procedures are undertaken with utmost adherence for you complete safety and peace of mind.

Mirage Shipping (Pty) Ltd is formed to provide you with the highest quality in view of on time quotes for your pricing and tender purposes.

We are supported by an experienced team of international network partners offering the same professionalism and service excellence.

Mirage Shipping (Pty) Ltd has drawn inspiration from you the customer’s ever-changing requirement together with us monitoring the trends, strengths, weaknesses lacking in the industry, taken them to the drawing board and with these scenarios moulded and refined them to ideally work in this exceptional and rapid growing industry.

We are committed and strive in finding new and innovative ways to add value, contribute to the profitability of your business and in turn your growth leading to our success.

Our Vision


Mirage Shipping (Pty) Ltd, hereby stand by its commitment per our welcome page to be a leader unsurpassed in this exceptional and rapid growing industry and furthermore strengthen our footprint both locally and internationally through our customers references.

Our Mission


We endeavour to meet our customer’s requirements for that personal to professional service excellence thus in turn offering our skills, knowledge, experience in the clearing, forwarding, freight and logistics industry. Our greatest goal is employee retention and this is vital for future recruitment of suitable qualified candidates..

Our Core Values


Our commitment is getting to know our business partners through customer service is critical to our progress, growth, and ultimate success.

Mirage Shipping (Pty) Ltd and its team of professionals are not limited to any challenge directed at us for “a challenge” is a hurdle we leap with ease for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our strength drives us to be dynamic and be that unique solution, think out of the box, latch onto any advantages or opportunities that is of benefit to both the customer and our company.

Customer satisfaction through pro-activeness is that excellent tarred road that provides you with that road trip without the hindrances of potholes, humps and bumps.

In the short time we have been in existence, reviews and compliments have been forthcoming from a couple of clients portraying us as a force to be reckoned with.

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